Heroic Odyssey

By: Sharp


Heroic Odyssey is a new game being produced by Sharp on BYOND. This is going to be an RPG with monsters, houses, weapons, armor, etc. Sharp will be updating frequantly. We hope for success, Enjoy!

Tid-Bit #1

Well, I feel as though it's time to release just a little bit of information on the game. What is Heroic Odyssey? Heroic Odyssey is a game I've been thinking up for a few months now, jotting ideas here and there. Recently I began to take action and began work on the game. The game is an RPG and will feature tons to do, and loads of places to explore and journey to. With multiple major towns and some settlements here and there, the world of Heroic Odyssey will be filled with things to do in any way you want to.

Tid-Bit #2

Throughout the game's extensive world, you will travel across oceans, through mountains and caves, and even through deserts and forrests. Each area of the game offers its own type of plants and herbs for you to pick, allowing you to create magical potions to do certain things, whether it be removing poison from your body, or healing a burn.

Tid-Bit #3

 It's been a while, and well, I guess it's time I posted down another small portion of info about Heroic Odyssey. To start this Tid-Bit off, it's Quest Related.

   Heroic Odyssey will be loaded with numerous amounts of quests, ranging from picking "X" amount of a certain herb for an Old Alchemist, to going on a Journey from the Souther Dessert, across vast lands and over an icy ocean, into a Deep 3 level cave and finding a lost artifact. Quests will reward items, money, and even Tokens depending on their difficulty. Quests may be the only way to get that extra item your looking for to enhance your skills or spells.

    With this said, expect to see At Least 50+ Quests in the full version, when it's released.